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Distribution of elements in soapstone (Mistikawy et al. 2020)
Exploring the historic Osborne Soapstone Quarry

Geologic and hillshade maps of Osborne Soapstone Quarry, Blandford, MA.
Project Summary

The historic Osborne Quarry, Blandford, MA contains high elevations of hazardous metals, we used geochemistry to assess the threat of leaching and freshwater contamination (Mistikawy et al. 2020; published in the Journal of Environmental Geochemistry and Health).

Field images from the Rock and Bear Ponds area, eastern Adirondack Mtns., NY
Investigating the tectonic history of the Adirondack Mountains, NY
Full thin section chemical maps (left) of graphitic schist collected near Ticonderoga, NY. Photomicrographs on the right
Chemical variability over time (left) in multiple grains of monazite, with example grain on right
Project Summary

The Adirondack Mountains record the tectonic history of North America. Combining field observation with microanalytical techniques has allowed for insight into the timing of major orogenic events. This project fulfilled my MS dissertation at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Geologic map of Bat Cave Wash, Chemehuevi Mountains, near Needles, CA.
Unraveling faulting in the Mojave Desert, Chemehuevi Mountains, southern CA-AZ.

Western North America has experienced a complex tectonic history since the Jurassic. Understanding this history is of great importance for evaluating seismic hazards, exploring mineral resources, and appreciating the structural history of the North American Cordillera.

Recumbent isoclinal fold in Bat Cave Wash
Copper mineralization hosted in low-angle normal fault, Chemehuevi Mountains
The Chemehuevi Mountains, near Needles, CA.
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