Mt. Havey pegmatite crosscut by basalt (southern Maine)

Justin Mistikawy – about me

I received my B. S. in Geological Science from Boston College in 2017 and completed an undergraduate thesis under the supervision of Dr. Ethan Baxter on graphite deposition in the historic Osgood Mine, Nelson, NH. I completed my M. S. in Geosciences at the University of Massachusetts Amherst under Dr. Michael L. Williams. My Master’s Thesis integrated microstructural analysis and in-situ monazite petrochronology to address the timing of folding in the Mesoproterozoic metapelite of the eastern Adirondack Mountains, NY. I am looking to apply my skillset to practical applications that involve field work, thorough data collection, and coherent technical synthesis.


Field Geology

The Earth is an amazing natural laboratory and as such serves as the foundation for many geological investigations.


Minerals record vast amounts of geologic history in their chemical composition. In the past I’ve used isotopes, trace elements, and bulk compositions to uncover pressure, temperature, and timing information of tectonometamorphic events.

Structural Geology

Understanding the mechanical behavior of the Earth is critical for predicting subsurface fluid flow, seismic hazards, and resource distribution.


I have always been passionate about teaching. I have been a teaching assistant for structural geology, field geology, and introductory geology since 2017 and was awarded for my efforts in spring, 2018 by the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Let’s make something together.

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